[Proposal] [VSP-4] Next Steps On Dissolve/RQ From Community

Hi everyone,

I am a large VSTA holder (over 500,000 tokens) and am feeling frustrated by the process of this unwind

We should not be waiting for the founders to “negotiate” with each other on our behalf and should instead be discussing the options in public and voting on them

I saw DCFGOD’s proposed process here, and this proposal is to follow a similar flow as that so we can discuss and decide as a dao together: [VSP-0] Addressing Co-founder Rage Quit and Hostile RFV Attempt - A Response to VSP-1 and VSP-2 - #16 by dcfgod

His process seems a bit rushed as I believe it can be streamlined. I have gone ahead and merged the first two votes, this is the process for this proposal:

VOTE 1: How should the DAO proceed with the unwind/ragequit
A: No unwind or rage quit should be offered
B: A full and equal unwind (each circulating VSTA gets its piece of the treasury). A circulating VSTA is a non treasury owned token
C: An optional rage quit should be offered (some runway is provided for the team to continue building).
To avoid vote splitting, if A > B + C then A wins, if not the higher of B or C wins.

After the vote, if B or C wins I will update this proposal and put up a vote with the next vote to help us decide variables. For instance:

If B wins we need to decide what to do with vesting contracts (which ones to freeze and which ones to honor).
If C wins we need to decide how much runway, if there should be any, and if there should be a whitelist or a time window for redemption.


The vote has been posted here: Snapshot

I find it surprising that one of the founders has now decided to lean on legals: [VSP-0] Addressing Co-founder Rage Quit and Hostile RFV Attempt - A Response to VSP-1 and VSP-2 - #35 by mikey

To me this makes it more important to vote here as DAO members to show what is desired. If the team is going to veto an unwind or rage quit option then legal methods of executing will be pursued which delivers the same value for each VSTA as the winning option. I will do some research on what other projects have done in this scenario while the voting happens.

If anyone has suggestions please comment.


I don’t like that discussions seem to be happening behind close doors. This is a very good way to process, we can easily work on the details once all holders have voted.

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