Weekly RiskDAO report 28 Feb ‘23

All referenced data can be accessed directly on the Vesta dashboard by RiskDAO.


Jump Crypto recovered $140m from the Wormhole exploit. Jump together with Oasis (a MakerDAO front-end) upgraded a contract on behalf of a court order in order to retrieve stolen funds the exploiter deposited. This sets a precedent as it shows that upgradeable contracts can be changed by the admin key holder/MultiSigs and that court orders (or governmental intervention) can be executed in smart contracts.

In another success for law enforcement against crypto hackers, French police arrested the Platypus hackers.

Over on BSC, there was a significant BNB liquidation overhang on money market Venus. Had BNB crashed to $220, $200m in liquidations would have happened. Interestingly enough, the BNB ended up on Venus also as a result of another hack deposit.

Dashboard Highlights

The cap utilization of gOHM is steady at 96%.

The VAR for the worst day simulation stands at zero. Current MCRs are at or above recommended levels.

The weight of $VST in the VST-FRAX has slightly increased from 78% to 79%.

Total pool collateral has slightly decreased from $22.3m to $21.6m. gOHM remains the #1 collateral asset accounting for $14.3m or 66% of total collateral base, followed by DPX which stands at $3.2m (15% of total collateral) and has seen inflows over the last week. sGLP remains stable at $2.8m (13% of total collateral, unchanged) but now ranks behind DPX.

Total debt amounts to $8.8m (unchanged) which equates to a utilization rate of 40.7%. The Top 10 debtors account for 50% of the total debt volume.

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