Welcome to Curia


Welcome to Curia - a forum dedicated to Vesta’s growth. In this forum, you’ll find many topics related to the Vesta protocol, and you can engage in these conversations without barriers. It is the place for Vesta Virgins to discuss how to grow the Vesta Empire. Please note that the forum is solely for Research and Governance discussions only. All user questions or error reports should be posted on Vesta Discord instead. (link: Vesta)

Feel free to propose new ideas and engage in discussion on all topics that are related to Vesta. We welcome anyone to post ideas and discussion points that are well thought out. Some of the topics that we would like to focus on at the moment are:

  • Stability of Vesta Stable ($VST)
  • Governance token staking
  • Collateral utilization
  • Governance
  • e-Commerce Payments

If you are new to Vesta, please make sure to read through our documentation before joining the discussion. You can post all your questions on our Discord server, and we will do our best to answer quickly.

The first governance process was established by the current Vesta Team. This process will be continuously updated with any changes to the governance process that are approved by the community. This post serves thus as a current reference for future proposals. Except for non-controversial parameter adjustments directly decided by Vesta Finance developers, all proposals must be published on Curia and have a discussion period prior to voting.

Proposal Timeline

During the initiation of our Governance Process on Curia - we’ll run with the following timelines:

  • 7 Days Request for Comment Phase
  • 7 Days Polling Phase (1 Vote per User)

Meta-governance proposals are proposals that change the governance process of the Vesta Finance protocol or impact the way that the protocol is governed. Unless they seek to establish recurring $VSTA incentives, proposals for the DAO to spend funds from the treasury are not emission-related and are then prohibited.

Forum posts of proposals should include a forum vote for feedback and signaling. Final proposals must be posted on the forum under the VIP category. Links to the Snapshot vote need to be included on the same thread.

Voting Process

Voting will take place on Snapshot.

Votes must be for a minimum of 3 days.

A simple majority (50% + 1) wins the vote.

Votes must be “Weighted Voting”.

Use a signaling vote on the forum to measure more than two options.


A quorum of 5% of the circulating supply of $VSTA is required for the result to be valid unless the proposal alters meta-governance or $VSTA emissions.

For meta-governance or $VSTA emission-related votes, a quorum of 10% of the circulating supply of $VSTA is required for the result to be valid.

The circulating supply calculation is based on the block of the Governance vote.

The following resources will also be helpful:

Website: http://vestafinance.xyz/ 2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vestafinance

Medium: Vesta Finance – Medium 1

Github: vesta-finance · GitHub

Once again, Curia is not the place for announcements or general questions. Please join our Discord for this: Vesta.

If your noise level is high, you will be warned in the first instance, then banned from Curia. Stick to the purpose of this forum and focus on quality discussions.

Last but not least, be respectful. We will not tolerate any insults, racism, harassment or threats against members, even as a joke.